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Ove Thornblad
Ceramic technical consultant


    Microscope photo of Bustamite and Zirconiamullite


I have 55 years experience of ceramic materials

Ceramic chemistry
Phase analysis in optical polarizing microscope and scanning-electron microscope

Consultancy services
Chemical and thermal analysis
Trouble shooting
Technical support for customers and suppliers
Neutral part in analyzing reclamations
Telephone support

Educational and training services
Lectures and training courses in applied ceramic chemistry, focusing on basic understanding of ceramic chemistry and applications
Educational material

Business mission
To provide qualified specialist know-how and services within the ceramic area


Ove Thornblad is also a ceramic artist

Some personal information about Ove Thornblad


Pictures gallery with ceramic products - click here

Mail-address: ove_thornblad@hotmail.com
Website: www.excerkeramik.com

Updated: 2015-03-11